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Clothing Matching

At the very first beginning, clothes are used by human beings to protect them from some harmful things. Later, with the civilization walks forward, clothes are not only used as protection but also used to show beauty or status, etc. The so called the first impression of someone is mostly from that person's clothes. Nowadays, more and more people are paying their attention to the clothing matching, because clothing matching can bring some amazing effects. For those who love beauty, clothing matching is an essential way to show beauty. Good clothing matching can conceal the shortness of one's figure. On the contrary, awful clothing matching cannot show beauty and can make a man looks awful.

Some girls may sometimes be in such a situation: that when they have an important party to participate, they always can not find out some suitable clothes to wear. Why? Is it because they have no clothes? The answer is no, they have a lot of clothes in the wardrobe. Then why they have so many clothes but can't find one to wear to a party? That is because they lack the ability to do clothing matching with the already existing clothes. To be good at clothing matching is not an easy job. If someone wants to be good at it one should learn.

Now here are some rules for clothing matching. Clothing matching can not be matched arbitrarily, it should follow some rules. Only by following the rules can it be good matching. Firstly, those people whose skin is a little deep, that is to say, the skin is not so white. Those people are fit to wear light color clothes, black and brown clothes are not suitable for them. Secondly, for those people who is a bit obese, loose clothes is a nice choice for them. Because of that kind of clothes can make them look slimmer than they actually are. Thirdly, for who is not so tall as others, do not wear long skirt, skirt which is too long can make a short girl look even shorter.

For more clothing matching, spent time learning it.

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