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High-Heeled Shoes

When talking about high-heeled shoes, many people automatically will have it related with women. It is true that in the modern society women wear high-heeled shoes but men don't. So high-heeled shoes now become one kind of women's clothing. But I have ever heard that in the old time high-heeled shoes are worn by men due to some certain purposes. With the society walking forward and forward, things have changed. High-heeled shoes become women's shoes but no longer men's shoes. It is said that in the old time high-heeled shoes didn't look nice at all, they were just worn by men by some purposes. Therefore, there were no high-heeled shoes designers. When the high-heeled shoes become women's shoes, the shoes' design has changed too. There are countless high-heeled shoes in the present market. They are all women's shoes, women love high-heeled shoes so much.

Look at some pictures of high-heeled shoes, they are very beautiful, there's no wonder that so many women love them.

But the history of the high-heeled shoes, or the shoes whose heel are higher than the toe, is a matter of contentious and heated discussion. Fraught with contradiction, heels paradoxically inhibit movement in order to increase it, at least in appearance. Standing in heels, a woman presents herself already half-walking while at the same time reducing the length of her step.

Now the high-heeled shoes are a symbol of fashion and beauty, high-heeled shoes are very popular among women.  Just like the above pictures, the legs are really looked more beautiful with the high-heeled shoes on.

Anyway, high-heeled shoes have their benefits and downsides, I hope women can take good advantage of them.

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