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Watches are a great way to make people punctual and on time. They are the efficient devices that are used by people to go to different places such as meetings, offices and to other important places. This is the original purpose of using watches. So there were many materials to produce watches. Watches are made from a wide variety of different materials.According to their materials, there are gold watches, gold plated watches, silver watches, titanium watches, stainless steel watches, rubber/resin watches, leather strap watches, webbing strap watches.

Generally, gold watches are considereed as luxury. It is said that gold watches are very expensive, only rich people can afford it.

Silver watches are not as expensive or as soft as gold but is still a malleable substance which is why it is used so frequently in jewellery.

Rubber/resin watches are lightweight and exceptionally durable material.

Stainless steel is the most common of all metals used in the construction of watches. Stainless steel watches are also very durable. It is used by a lot of people.

Watches with resin straps are normally designed for serious outdoor use. Leather is used to make watch straps because it is inexpensive, compared to the other products.

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