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Fruits Can Take Care of The Skin

It seems that women have a lot of things to do in summer. Summer is a busy season to those women who love beauty. They are busying with their skin protection against the sunshine. So in summer the sunglasses and umbrellas and sunscreen are all in hot sale. They are the three important tools that women need to prevent their skin from burning by the sunshine.

Recently, experts say people can turn to some fruit for help in order to protect the skin. Fruit, such as watermelon, lemon, orange and tomato, is more effective and efficient than sunscreen. They are the most natural to the skin, they won't do any harm to the skin. Instead they will offer health to the skin.

Watermelon not only provides people with abundant water, but also helps people complement many beneficial substances which do good to health and beauty at the same time.  For example, the amino acid is able to improve the activity of skin cells.

  You can also cut the watermelon into small pieces and then put a small piece on the face, rub the face for several minutes with that small piece of watermelon. It can be very useful to the face skin.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, this vitamin has a function of promoting the metabolism. It slows down the aging process and whitens the skin. Meanwhile, it provides much citric acid, which is capable of intenerating the horniness and shrinking pores. Its most valuable advantage is that it strengthens the resistance of ultraviolet radiation.

  Lemon is among the best fruit that can be used for skin care. It has been proved that it is indeed very wonderful. Many women love to use lemon as their natural makeup.

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