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Homemade Body Lotion

Making body lotions at home doesn't  require one to have a degree in science. Body lotion making is actually quite a  simple process which can be done by many people without any difficulty. Making lotions at home can be a personalized experience, one can make any kind of body lotion according to his or her own favor. The lotions can be made with one's favorite fragrance or made specifically to help certain skin problems such as extremely dry skin or overly sensitive skin, as well as making it with ingredients which are natural . Creativity and a few materials are needed for making the lotions.

Here are some steps to make body lotion at home. Making body lotion is only a matter of following a recipe.

First Step: Mix the chosen oils and water with the emulsifying wax. This is the basic step for forming the remainder of the body lotion. For the sake of  the water and oils not to separate, the emulsifying wax is necessary.

Second Step: This step is to add the essential oils, which is used for scenting the lotion and for aromatherapy reasons that provide a feeling of well-being. After adding the essential oils, the fragrance oils may be added for the scent of choice.

Third Step: The next thing to do is the colorants if one chooses to use it. The colorants can come from natural sources such as powder extract forms of fruits, vegetables, spices or plants. The using of colorants is to make the lotion have a nice color.

Final Step: The last step is having the lotion bottled. Jars, tubes, plastic containers can all be used for body lotion storage. Be sure to label the container with what it is as well as to label the ingredients that it used. Keep the bottle of lotion in a cool place for some time until it can be used to the body.

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