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Use a purse to put away the money is neccessary. Most women say the purse is their most essential fashion accessory - and others openly admit to having a full-on purese obsession! "Purses are to fashion what Crystal Light is to water - a fabulous accessory," said celebrity judge and renowned fashion icon, Stacey McKenzie. In today's world purses are considered as ladies prized posessions and definitely style statements. Especially authentic purse is used to express style, individuality and moods.



You can follow three rules when you are picking up the purses.

1. Style. Women who need to emhasize their age and are skinny should pick authentic purses that fit right under the arm at breast level. The length of the women's purse will always intensify the body part it comes near with.

2. Size. The dimensions of your authentic purse should complement your body size. Simple as it  might sound, if you are quite tall and big never go with this tiny little bag that would nobody even spot.

3. Shape. Choose a purse shape that is opposite to your body type.

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