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To Lose Weight by Eating Fruit

Many people like to take medicine in order to lose weight. It is right that taking medicine is a fast way to lose weight, but taking medicine seems to be not so safe and healthy. There are some other methods which can help to lose weight safe and healthy. When it comes to lose weight in a healthy way, fruit have always been put on the top. Fruit contains a large number of vitamins and minerals. Low in calories and fat, high in fiber and water content, fruit have been regarded as one of the best natural substances for losing weight. They benefit many people wanting to lose weight. So they have been accepted gradually by those who want to lose weight. Fruit are portable; they can be easily carried wherever people go. It is very convenient to put some fruit in the bag; they will not increase the weight of the bag. 

Fruit can be eaten directly as well as making into juice. But you have to make sure that they are cleaned completely. What are the best choices when it comes to fruit for weight loss? One of the best fruit choices is the apple. Apples are not only low in calories and relatively low in carbs, they're also high in pectin, a natural ingredient similar to fiber, which helps to promote satiety.  Lower sodium intakes helps minus excess water of the body. Increased vitality helps burn extra calories to speed up weight loss. An apple a day may be one of the best choices for keeping the fat away. It has been showed that people who ate an apple about 15 minutes before lunch consumed almost 190 fewer calories than when they didn’t have the apple. If those people who want to lose weight can keep on eating apples every day, then they can lose weight quickly.

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