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It's trendy natural color

Hair Color 2011 is subject to major trends in fashion, and therefore should be natural and effortless, like hairstyle, clothing style, haircut.

Hair Color 2011: Natural
In 2011,it’s fashionable to have natural color of hair. And that’s Great! Firstly, it is very convenient, because there is no need to watch how grow hair. Secondly, very nice, because the soft natural shades do not cut eyes with diversity of colors and unnatural colors. Third, emphasizes individuality, because each person has unique shade of hair. In 2011, natural brunette, blonde, brown-haired, red-haired – all are fancy!

Hair Color 2011: Artificial
But what about those who for various reasons must change her natural color of hair? There’s one solution – pick up paint these shades, which will be as close to natural.

Blondes now are lucky because the light color of hair in the coming year, it’s more fashionable than dark. Those who decided to dye her hair blond should turn their eyes to the soft nuance: flaxen, wheaten, light brown. White and gray left us till in 2010, and now joined them and blond yellow tide.

Brunettes who loves rich Eggplant tone or a deep black to match the fashion trends have to abandon the favorite shades. In the coming year, give preference to any tones of chocolate brown, which are similar to the natural shades of hair. Fortunately, that their choices are many: from the dense shade of dark chocolate and caramel tones to the color of milk chocolate.

Who loves red shades, for they will be the smartest choice, because in 2011, will be fashionable any of its variations. For Ginger is allowed to stand out from the crowd with its brightness and individuality, so in vogue is and bronze and gold, and fiery copper hair color.

Hair Color 2011: coloring and highlights
Creative fashionable women are invited to dilute the quiet and natural dyes by highlighting or coloring. However, next year the transitions between colors should be soft. Such that they could not see. Fashionable alternate different shades of one color.The variant of the gradual change of color on the hair from dark to light.

To be fashionable in 2011, you should choose natural hair color for staining. But do not forget about an important rule: shade the hair must be suit. Hair Color 2011 suggests the soft natural colors that will emphasize the individuality, but will not detract from your personality.

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