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I received two colors of the OCC Lip Tars – a bright fuchsia pink (“Pageant”) and a more muted rose pink (“Memento”). Both appear bold and rich when applied to the lips, offering a satin finish. I don’t often wear a lot of lip color, but I am completely addicted to lip gloss and ChapStick type products, so I was very excited to test these lip tars. At first it was strange to see myself with such color on my lips. The pinks may be a little too pink for me since I’m more used to the plain gloss and the light brown shades with my olive skin. The lighter pink shade was a nice look on my lips when I kept the application to a minimum. I felt the brighter pink might have been too much of a statement for me personally, but it blended nicely with the lighter pink for a more manageable shade and a more natural look. OCC Lip Tars stay impressively stuck to your lips for hours. I was able to eat, drink, and work through at least four hours of the work day before I noticed that I’d need to reapply the lip color.

When I say a little bit goes a long way, don’t take this with a grain of salt – I am being 100% honest. Even the tiniest amount of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar will stain your lips to a beautiful, bold hue. Depending on your tastes and style preferences, it may even go on more boldly than you’d expect. If this is the case, simply blot some of the lip tar cosmetic off with a tissue or napkin. You can also change the color scheme by mixing and blending with other lip tar colors.

The first few times I tried the lip tar products, I did not have a lip brush on hand. I’ve read numerous reviews of OCC lip tars that express how easy it is to apply the lip color with a good lip brush. Unfortunately, since I failed to use one, I noticed that a small amount of lip color also tinted my fingertip and smudged across my teeth. Part of this problem was also because I had no idea how little lip tar I needed to apply for regular coverage. I was used to globbing on the typical lip gloss and lip balm, so I wasn’t expecting such a precise dot of color to go such a long way.

Once the lip tar dries after application, it doesn’t seem to rub off easily, which is a nice change. It also does not feel sticky or gooey, which is better yet. These colors truly are meant to be mixed, so have fun with the wild shades and the tamer shades or even black and white. These would be great products to have on hand for weddings, proms, and other special events as well as for the perfect in vivid, colorful Halloween costume makeup.

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