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Invest in natural makeup

If you're concerned about the number of chemicals, preservatives and additives in your daily life, investing in natural makeup and body care products could be one way to reduce your exposure.

Author and former TV presenter Gill Deacon told the Montreal Gazette that some beauty and hygiene treatments contain substances that could be harmful to your health.

She explained: "The problem with a lot of body care products and the chemicals in them is that they mimic estrogen or they disrupt the balance of hormones in the body. There are very few long-term studies about these chemicals because they are coming out so rapidly."

Ms Deacon said that buying natural moisturiser and organic toothpaste could help to cut out some of chemicals that are used in budget brands.

Yesterday, editor in chief of Allure magazine, Linda Wells, told the Associated Press that women should take the opportunity to clear out their old natural lipstick and eye shadow in the new year.

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