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Warm copper red hair is best complimented

Copper red hair color is quickly turning into the 'go to' hair color globally for the young and the brave. Don’t misunderstand me; if you are over 40 something, brave and inclined to being fashion forward and are not afraid of stops and stares . by all means . consider copper red hair!

"If You Want to Be Trendy Try Copper Red Hair"Who can wear it? Seeing that copper red hair can range from a warm light strawberry blonde to a high lighted deep dark auburn .it has the leeway to suit most everyone.

Warm copper red hair is best complimented by those with pale skin tone and green or blue eyes! That combination in my point of view is the quintessential combination that best compliments warm copper red hair.

Cool copper red hair reflects coppery tones on top of deep auburn hair. This darker tone is worn best with cool skin undertones, pale with no color in cheeks, and medium skin tones that tan easily.

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