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Different form all kinds of eye of eye makeup law, look how big eye makeup South Korea painting

Introduction: It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but small eyes has given people the feeling will be closed window, so how do you make a mind more eyes? Now brings kinds of eye makeup brushwork, different shape eye choose different representations, let god eyes more, here is a look at South Korea how to paint big eye makeup.

Small eyes, and folds girls how the eye makeup?
Small eyes folds of the girls always to my eyes is not very satisfied, but you are not to see it as a bit of a! The advantages of small eyes is mild, the affable appear; But its shortcoming is dull, BuQiYanEr.
Small eyes, and folds female biochemical eye makeup of two kinds of the law:
The first: first is the eye shadow, from the dark grey prompted the contour line or above dizzy catch, folds girls should pay attention to, look line to slender, fluctuation look line not cross the oh so that this can be beautiful in that way like double-fold eyelid, of course.
The second: is the color of eye shadow to some deep, and dark gray eye shadow, but the lateral to light, but also pay attention to the boundaries don't clear, pay attention to the eyes are fine deep look line, through the deepen eye shadow to strengthen the impression, appears more gentleness.
Small Tips: for folds schoolgirls, can use first beauty of the pupil LeiFang big eyes, to enlarge the pupil. Render after eyelid, want to use eye shadow of bead light firstly, and then the gradual change color with green eye shadow dizzy catch, and then look line outline the eye ministry outline, eyes at the end of small triangle with look line painted later, using small sootiness brushwork dizzy catch to open, and again small eyes can also created the sparkle of the big eye makeup.

Big eyes of eye makeup girl how?
For big eyes for girls, the eyes are more beautiful, so need not too decorate, but different people have different characteristics, according to different big eyes to decorate, big eyes girl advantage is bright and luxuriant; Defect is to give a person "serious" feeling, of course, this is only part of the people, to see how your own transformed.
Big eyes female biochemical eye makeup method to basically have two kinds:
The first: to pay attention to the choice of eye shadow, eye shadow choose brown or gray, so can make eyes and comely deep, when the look line to clean and tidy and comely fluctuation look line, main is to emphasize color, the color will and your clothes in color, this highlights the bright, luxuriant advantages.
The second: eye shadow color choice or using brown, this is to note boundaries, and the boundary to shallow light; Look line note to fine, look below or the design and color with available black eyeliner dye. Such is the makeup of the plain sincere, can avoid the "serious" feeling.
Small Tips: big eyes girl of eye shadow daub way can choose the way gradually layer, so that can highlight eyelid part of the makeup look stereo effect, still can deepen eye of the deep feeling, also can add beauty flow of qi! Still can use finalize the next eyelash eyelash creams point in, this can let eyelash looks thick, and let an eye look more bright role.

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