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Having become double-fold eyelid eye makeup steps, make BinQiBu big eye makeup

Introduction: a lot of girls don't like yourself is folds, and don't want to go to whole become double-fold eyelid, how to do? Today for bringing the folds become double-fold eyelid eye makeup steps. Use of deep brown, shallow brown and black eye shadow, combined with double-fold eyelid strip, can make charming eyes!

Step 1: the orbital position brush on shallow brown eye shadow to render, careful not to above eye socket, close to the position of the line after swept on deep brown, middle and mix well.

Step 2: eye end to a triangle under the eyes swept on shallow brown eye shadow, to deepen our eyes of the deep feeling.

Step 3: picture black look line, will the eyes become warped on spin, and then painted look line, fill the brows of a triangle.

Step 4: labeled as double-fold eyelid strip, if eyelid belong to a thick schoolgirls, can two together with.

Step 5: stick eyelashes, then fill with black eye shadow in the middle of the gap, let eyelash look natural.

Step 6: in eyebrow bone brows and a sweep on C word highlights, to carry bright makeup look, increase the makeup look simple sense.

Step 7: in zygomatic a sweep on cheek is red, and then in the middle sweep on dark pink, create gradient effect, so that more prominent outline.

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