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How to face the clip eyebrows skills, to make the most beautiful camber

Introduction: tenth of the eyebrows can decide a demarcate of makeup look, so make good-looking camber is very important. Recommend you how to face the clip eyebrows skills, simple several steps will easily be able to make beautiful eyebrow form.

Make camber, remember four key points:
Eyebrows not suitable for painting line too obvious, this is because both sides eyebrows is mould the forehead and the line between the bridge of the nose, frowning color is too strong or too obvious lines will make your facial features look very hard.
Eyebrows to MeiShao between the positions of, the eyebrow radians decision. Compared with the traditional people love of the increase LiuYeMei, this qiu dong camber stressed the gentle, the nature, the joker, so this position to level instead portrayed, a little bit a little straight will feel more natural. So as far as possible the eyebrows when xiumei make.
With eyebrow cutting been to long eyebrows. Clean-cut eyebrow peak, has always been a lot of girls choice, because that will make brow look face will become delicate some, but they only suitable for oval face, EDanLian these standards of beauty face, like a square face, pour triangular face will become rigid, and even expression become rigid, evil. The eyebrow peak position slightly builds a point arc degrees, facial features and many.
Remove excess eyebrows with forceps.

Five steps to clip the beautiful eyebrow
Step1: with eyebrow brush to comb the eyebrows
Eyebrows easy mixed and disorderly, so before the thrush, with eyebrow brush down superciliary grows methods the comb the eyebrows. Do the action can let you see clear his eyebrows what space position, observe the direction of the hair growth, the next step thrush along the hair when the texture will be natural.
Step2: draw eyebrow pencil under the arch inferior line
Eyebrows to inferior eyebrow end line to paint a little straight a little from eyebrows to eyebrow end direction radian not too big, draw the outline of line should pay attention to reduce fine slowly.
Step3: fix a fruity eyebrow peak
Use special repair of the eyebrows small scissors to a little eyebrow peak builds a point radian, soft change the original "triangle" pointed. In the clip carefully, not a clip over, part of the land is safe to trim part.
Step4: eyebrow powder eyebrows gap to fill
Finished the outline of the eyebrows, after his eyebrows as if also very empty looks very natural, have kind of false false feeling. At this time with eyebrow powder is the best way to supplement to the color of place not, remember to downstream, reverse all brush again, make even color.
Step5: camber glue fixed camber
Finally, want to your eyebrow makeup lasting do not take off makeup, you'll need to do to finalize the design this step. Can use eyebrow cream or camber glue, because these finalize the design product is thick, it is easy to brow in agglomerate, everyone to use of the time can face first in the paper with some off, and then down brow brush again is completed.

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