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In 2011, the latest fashion to restore ancient ways makeup look

Introduction: how to draw a perfect makeup look? Makeup is actually very headache. How actually draw the latest fashionable makeup look? Teach you draw popular 2011 to restore ancient ways makeup look! Absolutely have the queen stylish rider!

Red lip makeup present a ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings rapidly promote you of the woman flavour, a match that restore ancient ways is vogue. This is the highlight of this makeup look red lip. Red lip also have a variety of color, can according to their own style to make a choice.

Apply during make-up of the bottom makeup is a key to the success or failure of makeup look, use the stomach in the face at will point, the fluid foundation and then gently to slowly push away, and in a minute palm hot compress. For your skin also have very good protection effect!

Eye makeup part is the most critical point, use first white light in the eye socket on render, make the eye makeup more easily coloring and not easy to makeup. Then use silver eye shadow covering the impression, slowly edify to spread. Brown department the eye shadow of the small area of dizzy catch, make as little smoke the same effect.

Look line natural is indispensable, walked down the eyelash root draw out slowly, in the eye end part a little spin. Is it a much greater eyes?

Then put false eyelash, and will be true and false eyelash eyelash brush together. This apparent can see you great and eyes!

Eyebrow in the session is also not be overlooked, according to the individual's eye form and face pruning eyebrows with eyebrow brush after a little color to his eyebrows. Look at is the outline of the outline of a type.

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