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Into a mixed race beauty only 7 steps

Sisters always lamented the West's deep facial beauty, in fact, the facial features of Asians as foreigners, though not as deep, but to three-dimensional makeup of a sexy is not impossible ! And to learn together at the end of season party following this three-dimensional mixed-race makeup bar and big eyes, sexy makeup, three-dimensional modification, I believe we can conquer the hearts of everyone, amazing party!

Let's look is actually mixed the nose look more upright, eyes more deep, so the overall look to seize the key is that these two parts, the part of the lips is not the point though, but can not be ignored, light pink meat, both sexy and very textured.

Step 1
A large area of ​​the diamond shape to true color brushing Maybelline eye shadow as their base color brown, give people a very healthy and deep eye makeup effect.

Step 2
In the middle of the eyelid to deepen the color of eye shadow, let your eyes become even more profound sense, but also very solid.

Step 3
Area along the lower lash line taken advantage of the opportunity to apply Maybelline eye shape can make a lasting Phantom eyeliner eyes meet at least twice and then amplified the effect.

Step 4
The first position in the eye on the bright eye shadow applied, will make eyes look more shiny, but also very clean, enlarge the eyes of the results.

Step 5
Under the liner is able to successfully create the best eye makeup eye zoom position, so in this place it must be our kind of eyeliner on the eyes from the end of eye to go, but also deepening.

Step 6
The feeling is very mixed three-dimensional face, so when the blush is not to build on apple's site but to muscle in on the lower cheekbones by brushing the middle of the corner of the site, this will make the cheeks look more three-dimensional . This time with the darker color of the skin-friendly Maybelline pure natural mineral blush effect is very good!

Step 7
We are generally mixed look to focus on the eyes and nose above the lips so it must be perfectly clear but also very soft, natural flesh pink crystal collagen lipstick is the best choice may be appropriate fuzzy lip edge, this can make the lips look more sexy.

Is not a very mixed range of it? Yet without losing the beauty of Asians, Westerners have with the deep, the spirit of the people seem much better able to reflect the independent three-dimensional, better cover up the shortcomings, reflecting the benefits of it ... ...

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