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Makeup look big revelation! Will teach you how to face hand face as pie

Makeup of magic power believe that everyone have experience, and the little girl can eye into magic eye, big face girl can turn into hand face, today bring you shock of colour makeup facial plastic surgery shu, see how a change to magic eye folds girls girl!

Compare of the makeup around, difference really it is, makeup before the eyelids look lifeless, skin of spots also clearly visible, makeup girl like changed after a people, eyes with power, even skin is white and fresh, it is amazing!

First is bottom makeup part, girls skin dark heavy, and face spots obviously, so need to take the MeiBaoLian pure minerals fluid foundation, then use pure mineral nature close skin block defect cream cover spots and blain blain, clear bottom makeup is the foundation of makeup look, so can't ignore.

Then on eye shadow, eye makeup for folds girls is so important, first to stick double-fold eyelid, then also is the most shallow truecolor modelling white eye shadow firstly, and then the most shallow truecolor modelling brown eye shadow, is deep point, the bigger the area of it doesn't matter, and the deep brown eye shadow, from eyelash nearly some, particularly eye head, then use the deepest brown from eyelash more close eye shadow characteristic, is that you almost double-fold eyelid in the width.

Because a little drooping eyes, so the look line, no go down, but a little bit flat, look below is not very heavy, so that it would be natural, also won't appear eyes are very prolapse oh, eyes more skywards of the girl, can look line pulling down on such things, and then look line, the heavier, and look line overlap, such ability make the eye appears the innocent. Here I choose to use MeiBaoLian in modelling lasting the phantom eye cream look line, lasting not dizzy catch, won't let himself into the panda eye.

In the eye head out with light color eye shadow, also is the color of the pearly white, the eye head below is key, the above a little, and the eye head a little, appear natural.

Brush on MeiBaoLian waterproof model eyelash creams transient surplus dense, magic eye instantly create success!

Finally sweep on natural close skin cheek is red, with crystal collagen lipstick, perfect makeup look build finished, the difference really have big enough before and after, so folds girls don't lose heart, the learning of colour makeup, so do magic eye beauty!

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