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Sweet pink know-how make your makeup look perfect lasting

Paint choices:

1, get the whole face of the large round loose paint

Be large round face of loose paint brushes in the "boss", dipped in flour quantity, can quickly get the whole face. However, due to geometry, making the details to take care not.

2, loose paint facial details rely on the cone

Relatively easy to deal with this type of brush to face the details of the site can also be dipped in a local play flash flash powder. However, the small size of its face, but the key test of patience yo.

3, sweep the excess IRES of fan painting

Standards of a multi-purpose, fan-shaped brush can be used sideways on a large powder brush, you can play with the tilt of the high light on end use can handle the details such as parts of the nose.

Oily skin: catch the amount of powder puff every time will be more, and the area of skin contact than painting the big, not easy to let makeup soon "fall off".

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