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Brown double-fold eyelid sootiness makeup makeup skills

Introduction: if you are double-fold eyelid girl, so don't miss the following brown sootiness makeup makeup skills, follow the points create three-dimensional deep step by step in photos eye makeup, let myself instantly change as magic eye beauty!

Makeup look key:
Brown and black gradient eye makeup, more gold ornament, dense roll become warped eyelash, sexy beauty lips, again tie-in charming beauty more van half-blood pupil.

Points 1:
With metallic brown eye shadow to render, to create a sense of luxury, very suitable for use in the party.

Points 2:
Use, in the eye shadow is brushed dip in take dark brown eye shadow, gently open eye socket and full, in double-fold eyelid drape is in can sweep several times, so can make three-dimensional effect.

Points 3:
Choose ash brown eye shadow to make prolapse eye, the method is: next palpebral two-thirds the use of ash brown eye shadow and the above eye shadow in the eye end with place.

Points 4:
Selection and eye shadow of eyebrow color fastens with color, natural daub, so can dash forward show eye ministry stereo feeling, the method is: from MeiShao to reverse direction brows daub, pay attention to paint from the roots, and then from eyebrows to MeiShao comb.

Points 5:
In order to enhance the density of eyelash with concentration, is in the eyes to eye end concentrated in repeated daub, careful not to brush the fly feet out.

Points 6:
To create natural lip shape, the first to use lip pen to outline the appropriate lip shape, then with the lip brush dip in the lip shape range lipstick evenly.

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