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Teach you how to play the bottom makeup achievement fashionable makeup look

Introduction: A lot of girls want to like modelling division that a beautiful makeup look of fashion, actually very simple. A good makeup look need good bottom makeup as basic, so today, teach you how to play the bottom makeup, let makeup look natural beautiful, here is a look at the makeup tips!

Do render work
In order to make the skin look more thoroughfare, in pink on before you do render makeup work, can massage the side while daub makeup.

Use the light of powdery bottom reflection improve skin texture
Used to render cosmetics, fluid foundation is indispensable, use a small amount of fluid foundation, also is one side even daub massage side the whole face, must pay attention to face some of the very small place, such as on both sides of the nose and mouth corners places will besmear to.

Use less as far as possible honey powder
A good makeup effect, needs will be clever use honey powder render makeup, but note amount can be overmuch, otherwise easy to destroy bottom makeup effect.

Use contrast let face instantaneousbe becomes the silhouette
If want to outline of your face become smaller, will be in the visual fluctuation kongfu, using the silhouette build stereo feeling, can instantly narrow face, the person also become young many.

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