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Wondergirls'Comeback Stage dress up comment

Introduction: South Korean girl groups Wonder Girls since 2 Different Tears, 7 new album to return to South Korea music 11 regression stage, the new album's Wonder Girls modelling makeup than in the past four very Different, below to see their creative makeup pictures, learn to restore ancient ways makeup look line drawing!

South Korean woman combination Wonder Girls this a complete reversal of WG photos of past lovely combination image, as Europe and America fashion as propaganda.

According SunYe of propaganda, the individual character of the large area with lead hair metal color eye makeup, clear lines appear very snowboarding progresses. Note also the nails with have a special feeling restoring ancient ways the black side!

AnZhaoXi fluffy hair, match on hale thick eyebrows and eye makeup, individual character is dye-in-the-wood, the modelling of Europe and America is wind, still can see that had "OH MOLA" of the small steamed stuffed bun image? Exposure of the image restoring ancient ways is!

Very have feminine taste of YE EUN still keep style, restore ancient ways eye makeup and exaggerated blond fascinating, even woman killer image shows a person, believe that there are a lot of people want to fall in her gun?

The YuBin to restore ancient ways makeup look that individual character not only, and still sending out some woman flavour. Very metal burnish feeling eye shadow, the woman killer image deductive is in place.

HuiLin makeup look is also take big sootiness makeup appeared, and the wave on the collocation of some clothing, the WG the wind restoring ancient ways enjoyed in position.

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