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5 coup let dry eyelash creams resurgent

Love the eye makeup girl, the home is eyelash to cream eye shadow, a lot of, many will expired or dry. Really waste! If eyelash to cream become dry, how to do? A good eyelash to cream the price is cheap, only a month will become dry, very waste. Today we shall teach you to use a few action and there's tricks, let dry eyelash to cream air right back up!

1: the water of ophthalmic

Add eye drops. Just 2 drops can, and then shake. Remember not to fierce press oh, so too much, instead of the originally waterproof effect didn't, it's easy to let you become the giant panda!

2: perfume law

Just 2 drops can, and then shake. This method is not suitable for eye of the sensitive girl, if you alcohol allergy or skin allergy, or don't use this method for good.

3: warm water law

Why not with water, because the water can't dissolve in the eyelash creams, if put pure water, eyelash to cream will be divided into two parts. Or how said the waterproof eyelash creams!
The correct method is: put water machine water heating, then drop 1 ~ 2 drops in, tighten cap, shake well.

4: bright skin water

As long as 2-3 drops can let dry eyelash to cream can be used again, but the drop, can want to be careful, don't too much, or mascara became the liquid also brush brush not go up, especially with fiber eyelash to cream can't put much more.

5: use at ordinary times the correct method

Flat in don't suddenly when the brush head drawn to slowly turn out bottle mouth, so that it can prevent too much air into the body, effectively prevent eyelash to cream become dry, hey! Remember, using the rotating so put in, not too heart be nasty, so that prevent eyelash to cream can also become dry as much as possible to use up all the oh. Besmear eyelash creams, also want the bottle to the main not draught, or less than a month is almost dry, brush brush font Z said, such not only the beautiful eyelash brush, still can fully will go up eyelash brush.

Usually businessman will say that eyelash creams are often use the term brush 3 months, also is to open a bottle of after 3 months, because the bacterium in air a lot in, can cause a lot of bacteria. It is a lot of girls with eyelash brush the itchy eyes the reason. So proposal girl with eyelash to cream more than three months later, suggest or another buy one. That's what I'm not buying expensive eyelash to cream reason! Ha ha, as long as enough thick enough to grow, waterproof and shading effect is good with respect to ok.

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