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Block defect cream how to use four usage deal with face color of skin not uniform

Introduction: black rim of the eye, small spots your skin problems such as each girl. These were created face color of skin not even, small block defect cream can help us to solve these problems, the one use? The block defect cream teach all the four usage help you restore white and even skin.

Pouch, black rim of the eye bothering you
Use brush look line, apply adequate amount of block defect product with, the skin around the eyes, if you have a dry muscle girl can block defect product with foundation in will be mixed, and thus more. The point is to cover the free time, and the free time in the bottom mac makeup later. (bottom makeup include moisturizing, isolation, powdery bottom, prevent bask in) covering black rim of the eye, from next eye head to the pupil lower part, half month type outline, draw a line on after piaffe point pressure to push the way to blend.

Eye end, eye head nose hood
Choose close to the bottom makeup, and slightly darker color with sponge puff touched take block defect product, besmear in the shadow part, fingers abdomen push can. This method can be also used to render the face two buccal, helped to build a super V type little face.

Hate the shading, fleck the how to get rid of
Look line is still the best props brush. Touched take some block defect cream, to light the way press, let block defect cream fully adhere spots in place. As long as a little bit of good lest appear bottom makeup uneven thickness not natural situation.

About block defect cream precautions
Many women have black rim of the eye's troubles, natural to think of using block defect cream, but the result will make the worse eye makeup, actually block defect cream the best function is obscure whelk and small area of spots, the use of large area will only make you look very natural, block defect effect has not come out to a strange feeling. In the black rim of the eye part, simple coated powdery cake with puff or fingers again some pressure.

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