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Early spring thin leg just seven big secret beautiful leg easily

The first big secret: dry cleaning legs.

With two hands holding the thigh, and the root from thigh gradual downward massage, massage all the way to the ankle department, then again from ankle to up massage a dozen times, every day you have time to do on a few times, to achieve not only thin leg effect good can prevent the varix, edema, muscle atrophy.

The second big secret: knead leg abdomen.

Will the leg flat on the bed, the leg abdomen between two palms on clamp, spiral knead move, every side about knead move 20 times ~ 30 times for 1 quarter were done 6. It will help the lower limb muscles blood backflow, enhance the leg ministry muscle strength.

The third big secret: twisted knee.

We put two feet parallel and approach, knees bent slightly squat down, put his hands on his knees, first clockwise rubbing dozens of times, then counterclockwise rubbing dozens of times. This method can dredge veins, to lower limbs weakness, knee pain.

The fourth big secret: pull foot.

Two leg unbend, lower the head, body forward slightly bent. Two block 20 times ~ 30 times toes. This can practice haunch, increase foot stronger.

The fifth big secret: round angrily.

The minutes of time every night before going to bed before practice sitting on the bed, legs pedal clip action and moves up and down. This method not only can thin leg still can strong lower limb muscle joints.

The sixth big secret: warm enough.

Warm feet every night with hot bubble is to feet, and often guarantee feet warm. This can cause the whole body blood flow.

How, the seven method is not hard right, although this method is simple and effective, but compared effective is slower, need to insist for a long time.

The seventh big secret: rub the feet.

With two hands mutual rub hot, and then rub with the palm of arch, each back to the 100 times. With the XuHuo Schwartz, liver and eyesight effect, can control high blood pressure, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, wait for disease.


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