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Even simple and practical perfect makeup tips

[reading] daily with makeup go out, environment and feelings will often make our makeup look appear problem, especially the bottom makeup and eye makeup. When these problems arise when you do? Quick come to study makeup tips!

The crumbling bottom makeup even perfect the remedy

If he directly to use powder a pressure, so has the crumbling powdery bottom thoroughly be pressed into pieces and cannot be repaired again, the following several steps to help perfect repair bottom makeup.

Noodles paper suck except redundant grease

Gently press your face, soft noodles paper does not absorb the moisture of the skin.

Daub skin cream the repair powdery bottom

Makeup daub after A, in addition to not spend makeup, and make skin more smooth and bright.

Eye to use liquid block defect fixed

The quality of a material of liquid and cover for exhaustion moist again as a result of the eye sockets.

Dry cleaning the cheek fill bottom makeup

Choose covering power super B swept gently with the brush, and with the least amount of quantity of made immaculate bottom makeup.

Terrible eye makeup all reset!

Spend eye makeup is the most easy to be found, not the makeup, in addition to carry the most commonly used eye makeup product, and the clever tools to help you carry fast repair a makeup.

Take asymmetric two-headed cotton bar

Asymmetric double-headed cotton stick can quickly and accurately erase spend makeup, again downy added wipe part of makeup look colour makeup.

Wipe to spend precise point makeup

The lower eyelid dizzy catch eyelash creams, and dizzy leave eye shadow, can use cotton stick to wipe off quickly pointed.

Round head dip in take block defect cream makeup

With round head cotton dips in great take block defect cream cover up again after eye shadow, let makeup effect perfect.

Tear more false eyelash besmear again glue
If only KaiJiao coated in the eyes of the head or eye end, is very easy to create the false eyelash radian not natural phenomenon.

Electricity is layered eyelash eyelash fusion

Time is long true and false eyelash is divided into the upper and lower levels, fill makeup when electricity eyelash together.

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