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How has the eye makeup steps will play an important role in line

Introduction: how has the mac cosmetics? Many people find it hard to picture folds makeup, folds the eye makeup steps announced, see how to give full play to their big line effect, make you folds beauty!

Folds of don't know how to turn look line with? Today to the rapid folds eye makeup, let your own work of acme cat's eye makeup. Not much said, simple 3 steps with respect to ok! The folds come on! The big eyes of the effect of it at all, actually folds up within double easy relative than?

Step 1: choose eyeliner cream, from the eye to eye head of painting, folds have the advantage that, don't worry about painting too thick not good-looking, basically can take heart eased restrictions, thick point that doesn't matter.
Step 2: the place of eye end how to draw look line of slightly higher? From the eye to eye end position picture, first and then rise in a parallel appropriate about 3-5 mm or so to down, turn to eye end in parallel, and finally the purpose is to want to look line even just. Of course this is just one of the methods. Open your eyes can see actually look be like very thick eyeliner, most people know that the folds will be eyelid eat, so thick point no relationship, have eye end!

Step 3: the last step is to use the eyeliner to look line in full. Pay attention to the eye head where paint, so have open out the effect? Finally brush on eyelash creams can, close their eyes effect, is looking at all feel that simple? Hurriedly try it.

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