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Many habits between subtle can take out extra weight

[Reading] Many times a few small habit can change a person's quality of life, of course, including weight. There are many habits between subtle can take out extra weight.

1. Eat to lean man satisfied

Lath lath eating to six or seven into full will stop eating, no wrong to confuse feeling full satisfaction in, can to lath lath learning, eating to half hour down chopsticks, for his own eat satisfied feeling hierarchical arrangement; Stay with a few mouth to eat when for himself once again arrangement. Its purpose is to strengthen in the process of feeding the perception of the degree of satisfaction or not (this process can slow down the consumption of the speed, thus completing the establishment of full bilge feeling).

2. The mind food lath lath weight

Lath lath attention food component, always pay attention they want to eat what lead to fat. So it won't eat all the food habitual sight, the exclusion is not really need the food.

3. Lean man never repast when "fire"

And most of the people fighting obesity have a tendency, the hunger as a need emergency "fire fighting" state, but if people fear the hunger, may often excessive consumption in order to prevent the occurrence of hunger. Lath lath so can endure hunger pain, because they sometimes feel hunger's sake. Choose a busy day, try to consciously sent lunch time backwards 1 or 2 hours, or cancel a afternoon tea, next time there's a similar case, you won't marched straight to the refrigerator.

4. Not by the emotional and eating lean man

Lath lath does not refuse emotional eating, but they know when to do so, when to stop immediately. Hunger, anger, lonely or tired, which was to lead to emotional eating the most common four stimulating factors. If it was a simple hunger, should choose a nutritionally balanced snacks, such as eating a nut hunger on to the next time spent after the dinner time. If you meet anger, lonely or tired, looking for another kind of no calorie intake method to meet the emotional needs. Running, jumping with movement way out of the gloomy mood, accelerate the heartbeat pattern of activity help dissipate the angry mood. If feel very tired, let it be go to sleep.

5. Thin people eat more fruit

Generally speaking, slim and overweight and obesity, compared to those who eat more fruit every day, the intake of food fiber also more, but have less fat. Learn to check your diet, looking for the many kinds of ways in the meal increase variety of fruits (not juice), trying to put a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table or desk, easy to remind you to eat fruit.

6. Lath lath limitations on their choice

Too much of the taste of the food variety and can induce people to eat too much, so lath lath limitations on their choice. Nutrition experts found that the choice of food, the more we will tend to eat more, namely "sensory meet" that we have not tried things still feel hungry, generating too full. Lath lath usually have their own diet practice, most of their food is very select. Although also can appear a few unusual eating, but they are an important part of the diet but were planned.

7. Lath lath know self control

Lath lath his desires to the inhibition of the stronger force strong, even though some of the specific situation will cause people's inhibitions is very poor, such as with a large group of friends in the cheerful atmosphere of the party, will also take some measures to lean man to warn yourself don't eat too much. If outside repast, and only a small amount appetizer or with others and for dessert. In you feel there is pressure or stress, inhibitions also reduces, should be in hand for small eat fruit, etc.).

8. Many more lean man movement stand

Every day more than lean man standing two and a half hours, one year May 15 kg weight loss. A day in the body with a walking distance plan, look at the number of distance advocate on foot every ten thousand steps difference how many. Every day also add 30 minutes stretching and keep good health habits, don't take the elevator climbing stairs, if energy permits still can wipe the floor. To calculate the movement burning the how many quantity of heat.

9. Lath lath much sleep

Lath lath on average every week than overweight people sleep more than more than two hours, also is sleep more than 17 minutes every day, every day than a pile of schedule to, to sleep more than 17 minutes into it is not easy to do so. Of the job to find some time to take a nap, for adults has reached the purpose of sleep.

10. Thin people know how to take care of himself

Lath lath himself in his first, thin women life priority is to eat well, often movement and the reduced pressure, know more to take care of himself.


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