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Only take a few minutes to simple hand nursing DIY

Have a pair of white tender soft hands actually very simple! Taking the advantage of holiday at home, you can try the simple hand nursing DIY. Use every refrigerator are some ingredients, hand made at home care, the way is simple, material good search, very suitable for lazy gens!

Yogurt, embellish hand membrane DIY

Cheese contains rich protein, calcium and vitamin. As a hand mask, will make your hands soft and moist. Even the agnail will slowly become less.


Pure yogurt 1 cup


Directly on the back and wipe yogurt finger. For 15 minutes, then wash with water.

Lemon sugar hand whitening grind arenaceous DIY

Lemon juice have beautiful white effect, and sugar can be old cutin remove waste. Lemon sugar hand whitening grind arenaceous used after, skin at once become NenNen freely. But both hands have damage of words, the proposal does not use. Because the acid lemon juice may let the wound my sore oh.


Lemon juice, 1 TSP cornstarch, 1 TSP sugar


Lemon juice, add sugar, then hands massage 2 minutes.

Eggs firming and wrinkles hand membrane DIY

Egg white has firm efficacy. Milk and honey nourishing skin is the role. So this kind of egg firming and grain hand film is especially suitable for the hands have appeared fine lines and wrinkles.


1 egg white only, milk right amount, honey right amount


Will all material mix. Evenly apply after hands, for 15 minutes. Finally with warm water wash.


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