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The lack of the drinking water for bad water dry face shiva

No matter throughout the year, to dry or problems, moisture your skin is constant topic. Very not easy for a weekend, you will give skin of nursing ­ may focus on how to most girls skin to a spa water! Wait! Concentration than simple professional beauty filling water, to avoid water can let skin minefield filled with full!

Crammer 1: bubble bath every day, can make systemic skin full of water

Revelation: will the skin long bubble in the water, it will let skin drier. The water of overheat or every day in the bubble bath, can damage skin surface natural sebaceous glands of protection. Remember to swim when because long bubble in the water and wrinkled hand it can damage the skin cutin layer-water natural skin membrane, bath cleaner is to cause skin cells mesenchymal disintegration, serious still can cause dermatitis, water loss caused by the speed.

The correct approach: every day with a bath and shower gel can destroy the body's natural water oil balance, so still want a day bubble bath is OK, and remember every time after cleansing, want to leave a little bit on a dry water again not blot out the body milk.

Crammer 2: dry skin will be lots of used moisturizing products, the skin to moisturize

Revelation: moisturizing products in the composition, if is the high water content gel or jelly type moisturizers, even if again rubbed thick, water will still because dry climate and evaporated. This type of moisturizers only for the skin in the render.

The correct approach: it is to dry skin or oily skin, had better choose of old products, because this product contain enough water and antioxidant content, really achieve real moist and lock water effect.

Crammer 3: dry skin need more than oily skin moisture

Revelation: actually dry skin easily absorb more than oily skin moisturizing ingredients, because the oily skin cutin thicker, more likely to oil and water don't balance condition, for oily skin to protect wet job more want to pay attention to.

The correct approach: soft cutin, and keep the skin fully and absorption efficiency; Choose oil and water appropriate moisturizers, avoid stimulating skin secretion of more oil and clogged pores, these are oily skin moisturizing will change garments according to do the homework.

Lies 4: lock water is to use oily cent prevent moisture to evaporate

Revelation: oily cent really can have the function of the sebum membrane, reduce moisture evaporates, but more maintain fatly article may not be as relaxed some maintain article more moisture, and it also may increase oil secretion of face and block pore or cause sensitive.

The correct approach: the higher the degree of closed because the skin grease will also because it's not permeability, blocking the skin in the air the opportunity to get water, abate skin itself has the natural catch function. So, don't get to choose those very oil products.

Crammer 5: drink water more, the more water

Revelation: if water to solve the problem of dry, the moisture is not is a difficult problem. The problem is suddenly drink a lot of water, will accelerate the metabolism of the body, even if the extra water can be flowing to the skin cell transmission, however, often is haven't reached the skin when metabolism away. And drinking lots of water will take away the body many useful electrolyte and minerals, and these are important in skin lock water element.

The correct approach: even if again dry season, 2000 ml drinking water is enough to provide skin water requirement of every day!


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