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The spot the new law make a baby their muscle

Again beautiful face if long some stains will have little though. The New Year, and one year older again, women are friends and start to skin problems and trouble. As the growth of the age, all kinds of skin problems come, more become the girls of spots in the cupboard. Don't worry, now troubleshoot for everybody, and offered four dispel spot coup, let you instantly has "zero years" as their robes, smooth, water tender and beautiful skin.

Lemon slice of the spot

Production methods: lemon slice in airtight containers, into honey, add cold water makes submerged citric piece, cover container, in the fridge. Next day, take out two tablet bubble water, a lemon can drink a week or so.

The effectiveness of beauty: lemon is a high in vitamin C nutrition fruit, it is generally a beauty food. Lemon durability easy to save, contain rich vitamin C, can prevent red, swollen gums bleeding, still can reduce the incidence of shading, fleck, and some whitening effect. Lemon whitening functions cannot look down upon, often drink lemonade whitening absolutely breathtaking effect. Lemon peel and rich in calcium, so in order to achieve the ideal effect, still had better even skin most nutritious juice.

TIPS: of course, all things good and bad, again good thing too can have side effects with, the case is based. Very sour lemon feed more hurt a stomach, easy to affect the digestive function. And acid to the liver, spring unfavorable feed more, eat summer and the effect is good.

Brown sugar dispel spot method

Brown sugar discharges poisonous moist the special role, mainly because of its natural ingredients. Research found that contain a variety of human body sugar cane essential amino acids, such as lysine, etc, and malic acid, citric acid, protein synthesis is human body, support metabolism, the necessary basic substance. Brown sugar direct edible can, or made into face film, used to apply face and massage skin, also have pretty good effect. Here introduces need brown sugar and honey can make facial detoxification grind arenaceous cream, can let you face spot immediately disappear, still you white tender skin.

Will a small spoon into the brown sugar about mixing bowl. Pour into three times as the honey brown sugar, if their own skin exquisite, can add honey. Stir well can, placed five minutes the precipitation. A layer above the brown sugar into the honey is good detoxification live yan grind arenaceous cream! Apply is on the wet face wash after massage gently. Brown sugar contains many types of nutrients, skin nourish but plays a very unique efficacy, face film can make skin smooth beautiful not only, also can promote skin metabolism.

Salt dispel spot method

Skin experts say, eat more salt not only can cause high blood pressure, also have a direct effect on men's features. Salt with sodium ions and chlorine ion exists in the form of in the human body blood and body fluids of infected, they keep in the human body osmotic pressure, acid and alkali balance and water balance plays a very important role. If you eat too much salt, the body sodium ions to increase, will cause the facial cell loss, and cause skin ageing, there wrinkles, spots, etc. To skin fine, more scientific method is to drink water more, help skin detoxification, and salt intake every day more than 6 g don't. If intake of animal fat and protein and too much, also can affect the liver normal metabolism and grow freckles.

Bean sprouts soup spot method

Method: to add water pot right amount, and boiling, put clean bean sprouts, bring to bean sprouts it become namely.

Features: light, the fragrance of the shoot, but do not add salt, drink light soup, eat bean sprouts, 3 times a day, even served for a few days.

Efficacy: yellow bean sprouts, LuDouYa is soybean, mung bean after the germ of a bubble. No cholesterol, is the low fat, high in protein vegetables. Its rich nutrition, contain protein, fat, sugar, lecithin, carotene and vitamin Bl, vitamin B2, etc. Bean sprouts qingrejiedu, good oneself. The soup has embellish skin, dispelling the warts at role. Apply to treatment flat warts, corn wait for disease. Is to face the markers food aid.

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