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Valentine's day countdown make a lips strategy

Valentine's day approaches, our labial ministry to skin was because winter dry lack water lip lines deep and, if it is really a critical skin damage image. You must want to best skin condition in this sweet festival, face your lover. In the maintenance of the skin at the same time, don't forget to tender lips, this issue for you to modelling division for the speed with a lips strategy, together and see it!

Valentine's day countdown modelling division teach you a speed lips

Valentine's day comes as winter, labial ministry is easy to weather-shack, this beauty makeup came to the court, let you use 7 days, maintenance of water embellish charming lip, on February 14, and make a perfect valentine.

Countdown 7 days: all-weather labial ministry is prevented bask in is the key

We all know the face skin to prevent bask in the four seasons, but labial ministry is prevented bask in you have seriously rise? Never do labial ministry is prevented bask in, can let your lip color dark heavy, also can cause labial ministry weather-shack. LiYunTao (the Po) in micro bo points out, want to prevent labial ministry weather-shack, prevent basking in is one of the important link.

Want to on valentine's day sweet night, have moving charming lip, must remember in this week, except for the face every day to prevent bask in the homework, the extra also for double lip strengthen prevent bask in, cut off from the ultraviolet ray, is we repair the first step of labial ministry to skin. Must remember.

Countdown 3 days: the weekend for labial ministry cutin

A surge in the last weekend of the time, whether this weekend for dating plan? Anyway, must remember taking the time, to come to a full lips cutin work. What you do not yet know how to give labial ministry chamfer don't panic, Kevin teacher now to tell you.

Learn to yao this method super simple, even the chamfer simple product all don't need, because labial ministry to skin very delicate, even mild chamfer simple product, also may give labial ministry to skin causing too much of the burden. So we need only in labial ministry to skin become soft, gently wipe off dead skin swab can.

PS: for labial ministry dry skin, avoid by all means use teeth and by hand tore, this would backfire. Just the small method, you must learn to, can quickly alleviate the symptoms of labial ministry to skin weather-shack, still can let skin become water embellish smooth.

Countdown one day: VE a horse emergency repair

Oh, oh, oh, my god! Tomorrow is valentine's day, labial ministry skin condition although had improved, but still want to perfect it, if only to a lip lines all have no, water very tender, such as new babies born of general, that will be a wonderful events Jimmy measures, make you a surge in the last night, an emergency repair of labial ministry again.

Vitamin E capsule skin care efficacy, believe that you have heard more than one time, but the use of in the face always worried about clogged pores, and even cause adipose bead, used in labial ministry first aid can set his mind at to enjoy its powerful effect! VE have anti-wrinkle effect, can effectively smooths the lip lines, still can accelerate the metabolism of the aged cutin, make skin tender and delicate state to lips.

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