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1 minute to say goodbye to any signs of fatigue delicate all day

Even if a delicate makeup look, by the afternoon after 4 o 'clock, also because the oil, makeup and lead to reproduce the fatigue. According to the relative investigation, "after 4 o 'clock in the afternoon the gaunt sense" in women worry list of beauty has been rank high on the list. So, how to save "after 4 o 'clock in the afternoon of the fatigue"? In fact as long as 1 minute, it can be easily solved.

Step1, in key areas create specular effects

Because pigment precipitation etc reasons, the most easy to produce the dark area, mainly concentrated in the t-zone and below the eye. Therefore, the afternoon makeup state, glossy with T area and the panda of black rim of the eye is often let a person produce haggard is the main cause of fatigue. Can brush in these parts highlights, in order to carry bright way, depending on the light manufacturing visually bright feeling, will face the focus of the makeup look in these two areas, make alight feeling.

Dip in with the brush take highlights powder, in the forehead, eyebrows, bridge of the nose of the T word area on a layer of brush gently.

Below the eye to cheek in the groove of most prone to dark heavy, therefore, need to use specular highlights to carry bright, make bright feeling.

Step2, in below the eye daub orange department eye shadow

Below the eye area dark heavy and black rim of the eye is the fatigue caused the biggest reason, so in a specular highlights on the basis of using orange department eye shadow decorate, can rise to carry bright and grooming effect.

In the eye lower part brushed specular highlights dark heavy zone, then daub on orange eye shadow.

Step3, with gradient cheek is red manufacturing healthy blood

If use color cheek is red, often because uneven skin tone and can't play a whole coverage of the effect. But, the cheek of gradual change color can completely solve the problem. With the deepest pink brush in zygomatic, Saul again on the close around light color, can create a healthy natural ruddy skin color.

As shown in figure, with the deepest pink to a circle of law in zygomatic brush, swept on a circle around similar light color, cheek is red nature degree immediately UP!

Delicate makeup look complete map

No matter when, looks alight!

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