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Different position acne removing a different method

Continuous work overtime stay up not only the body is overwhelming, even the skin also carry not to live. Boring blain blain also springing up in the cheeks again and again the breed. And the different positions of blain blain in nursing method also different, busy OL people come together, learn it acne removing is also to be of skill!


The face is easy to the oil place, so pore is bulky and easy accumulation leather fat, then forms whelk, solution only making wash a face with skin care, with convergence make up water pat face, can make the face wool stoma temporarily shrink.


Forehead is easy to the oil the T word parts of the part, if forehead have bang is more airtight words, this is a hotbed of forming pimples. So long whelk, will bang to dial up, don't obscure forehead.


This place is not easy long blain blain dry, if this place added specially oil voice, but will grow blain blain. To protect wet words, please choose without oily products.


Chin is often neglected, but sebum secretion production has more than imagination! So when washing a face, want special attention. Long whelk, remember not to touch it, crowded it!


As part of the face should be, will clean; The rub lotion or cream too oil, too much, or shampoo residue, dirty bedding infection, are likely to form blain blain.

Around the mouth

Close to the sebum secretion strong chin, so also easy to the oil. Should be thoroughly abluent, avoid cosmetics, wash a face supplies the residue of dirt.

Back, chest

In addition to the face is outside, sebum secretion most places, long blain blain easily. Bathe, with cotton towel makes soap bubbles up, with "bubbles" to wash the body, avoid to use the abluent power of poor protect wet model soap, or with easy exciting skin of the nylon system towel.

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