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DIY repel eye week adipose bead harvest immaculate beauty muscle

As a woman, especially easy to grow around eyes white little a knot in one's heart, it looks like a small white sesame, those who is adipose bead. What should we remove fat grain? The easy and adipose bead teach you how to say goodbye!

DIY remove fat grain of daqo

Homemade essential oil: material: Bulgaria rose 1 drop, chamomile 1 drop, Germany 2 drops of chamomile and lavender three drops, rose hips oil 3 ml, sweet almond base oil 10 ml, grape seed oil 20 ml
Practice: the above materials will be mixed, gently massage every day grow adipose bead place, remember not to be too with work, and, after a week of fat can be part of the disappeared, three weeks of all disappear without trace, remember the massage oil mix well after the sensitive security must be in only after use.

Lemon remove fat grain:
Cut lemon slice, go to 1-2 slices into a cup of just boiled water for drinking can, every morning with a glass of lemon pour good on an empty stomach intestines and stomach can enhance the water peristalsis to help digestion. And lemon have effective antiseptic function, can reduce the blood fat, help the body eliminate toxins and excess oil, oil control skin and eliminate fat grain.

Vitamin E:
After washing a face every night, with vitamin E oil in place of adipose bead evenly daub, about two weeks time adipose bead will kill and, at this point, it is easy to flake, but some also invalid. Daub d E the methods of insurance, but time is longer, some people see his face of fat grain cannot help but will pick. But the hair around the eyes of fat, or by wipe d E or eye frost method, more on spectrum.

Low-fat yogurt eye film DIY
Will yogurt smear evenly on the makeup MianZhi, apply to the eyes after 10 minutes with clean water. Three times a week. Can not only maintains the skin and may dispel the adipose bead.

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