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Exclusive solution to deal with different aging eye

The thin, eye skin most vulnerable, also is the self-repairing ability of poor skin area. In the cold winter, eye week skin first air humidity and temperature in response, and most can expose your age secret. Going to buy eye frost, before treatment, should come first analysis of the problem you belong to the eye which kind of, to suit the remedy to the case, was reduced to a magic eye age.

Type 1: pseudo aging type

According to the crowd: staying up cause eye blood circulation water scarcity and the serious problem, short-term inside occurrence aging false young skin.

Analysis: maybe you have is not the first time look in a mirror in the morning by his own scare, how the whole people look like overnight for several years old? Pouch, black rim of the eye, fine lines problems run all come out to make trouble, but "I'm still young ah". Don't frighten yourself first, actually, as a long time don't exercise body in a sudden plenty of activities are quickly appeared pseudo fatigue, the problems may be just an illusion! Eye week skin because time lasting fatigue and high load, blood circulation serious not free, easy to present aging feeling, but after living habits, nursing habits of the elaborate adjustment, the state of skin can be a lot better.

Suit the remedy to the case: strong hydrating, detumescence eye frost and eye film might as well for a few fashion at hand, quality of a material to relaxed and good absorption, changed back to young state is not daydreaming.

Type 2: three types of exhaustion

According to the crowd: be work, survival and all kinds of pressure of light surrounded by OL ripe female, eye ministry is aging report in advance.

Analysis: "you only 25 years old?! How can so many fine lines and crow 's-feet!" If you was often such question, not only to outspoken sulks friend, because you tired eyes had already leaked your age secret, and also made a "+ 3" and even "+ 5" tampering with! By multiple pressures of urban OL is increasingly beset by this: eyes age have than his actual age more!

Suit the remedy to the case: see a the fine lines of surprised when feeling is about to be forgotten, more and more fine lines, dry grain surrounding you, if don't grasp the first aid, the real big problem--aging eye bags and leave you not far! Don't really want to wait until face whether to play the embarrassment of BOTOX, began to consider save seams eye? Now to repair, and have to remedy!

Type 3: multiple problems type

According to the crowd: due to age, life experiences, external environment multiple reasons, eye ministry of aging phenomenon has produced, dry lines, pouch etc exist multiple problem of ripe age the skin.

Analysis: into ripe age the stage women tend to protect skin to taste in the investment direction has clearly turned to high-end, effective and costly appeal, the top priority for anti-aging-eye care, you will spare no effort to spend more energy and financial resources to invest. But how to choose a bottle of the ideal eye frost, get content is worth somewhat, even value-added with a sense of accomplishment?

Suit the remedy to the case: suggest you try to filling water, detumescence, tight, except the grain of all effect "only" eye frost, and some have instant smoothing and tiras efficacy of high-tech background research and development of products out of the eye, you discover can surprizingly, the original skin care products can also be used after makeup, and give full play to the micro plastic surgery and colour makeup as the effect of modified!


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