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In sensitive season you need to a spray

In the spring and sensitive will occur frequently, at this time of year, the skin facing the challenge of environmental change season will be more fragile, dry, redness, itching, the spot even peeling often seek to come. In fact don't panic, face sensitive embarrassed, standing around as long as a spray, can relieve and even solve big problems of sensitive.

You use the spray with you on?

Japan's beauty with "thousands of tianjin master, he said, the spray is the best facial massage device, close to the water is a facial skin the best soothe, action, and various moisturizing living spring, etc for the skin and dry spray and itching and irritation and allergies are very good calm repair function, the right to use spray method is very important, can have twice the result with half the effort.

Step 1 gush!

Spray to distance when face 10-20 cm, close your eyes and a little punch, so that it can receive water as much as possible. General press spray head 3-5, can also according to different situations and individual be fond of increase and decrease of spray.

Step 2 clap!

In the face of the spray water don't immediately wipe, can pat help skin to absorb more water.

Step 3 wipe!

15 seconds to 20 seconds after another, with noodles paper to surplus water gently dry, and not dry naturally. Such already can ensure the spray effective substance absorbed by skin, can avoid again because of moisture to evaporate and take away the moisture of the skin surface.

If the skin dry lack water in extreme circumstances, you can also let spray into fast repair protect wet mask. The spray directly onto the face film paper or cosmetic cotton, soak it completely, and then apply the whole face or local. If want to strengthen protect wet strength or extend apply face time, can will spray directly onto the cover in the face of the mask on paper.

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