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Spring is in love with high efficient beautifying the new scheme

Increasingly the warmer weather let uv active, add more dense environment and pollen imbalance body circulation, all the internal pressure and outside pressure, let our skin more dark heavy, rough, melanin precipitation let our uneven skin tone.

Source from third melanin

In fact, color of skin dark heavy, mottle formation from various external pressures within, make skin melanin formation have problems. So we want to third melanin from the source, a pale spot the whitening essence products is absolutely your good helper. In the use of the pale spot essence products in the process, with the more moderate massage can promote the use effect!

Emotional decision whitening effect

The maintenance of the emotion to the skin has a decisive role, cheerful mood can let radiant, bring more flawless burnish feeling skin. So the wise choice is to make the best use of the mood, maintain good mood can let skin whitening effect more outstanding!

Keep enough moisture the skin

In fact, the skin white spot without the help of water work, so moisture is never leave the whitening process. Because in the process of the appropriate replenish water, can maintain the metabolism of skin, have accelerated whitening, the effect of the spot.

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