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The optimum dosage of cleansing products

You have to understand, not fall into the expensive skin care products are piled in the face there will be a magical effect. Sometimes is not your skin does not fit. Nor is the skin care products do not work, in fact, has a close relationship with the amount of, the large Jiedi today.

Cleansing products, with more and more clean

The reason to put like a laundry detergent, if the detergent is put too much, not only to wash clean, but also leave white marks on clothes. The cleaning power does not depend on the number of cleaning products. Cleanser with it will be washed without a net, it will cause traces to lead to skin problems. There are many cleansing products are concentrated, only a little above water will be able to rub a lot of foam, enough to clean grease and dust.

The correct dosage of cleansing products: cream and cleansing products, each extruder is about the little finger knuckle half as much as is sufficient; latex - like so many, like 2/3 of a dollar coin can.

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