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4 kinds of skin types literacy maintenance accordingly

People are generally classified into the skin dry, oily, neutral, combination and sensitivity skin, teach you how to identify yourself today of the skin, suit the remedy to the case can have healthy good skin, and all kinds of skin applicable maintenance method.

Neuter skin

Feels and firm, have balanced oil share and moisture, and there are few blain blain and obstruction of the pore, transparent and blood. Just when the weather turns cold partial dry, summer is sometimes glossy light, more resistant to bask in, is not sensitive to external stimuli. So congratulations you is the most healthy a type of skin.

Maintenance method

Neuter skin maintain as long as maintain balance the moisture of the skin, can make skin send out health beautiful luster, make skin fine texture, clean and relaxed. Moderate filling water can moisturizing and relieve skin, improve skin microcirculation, delicate pore.

Dry skin

After washing face skin has tight feeling, dull, pore is not obvious. The skin has spots but few long acne and acne, touch, feel is rough. When change garments according to the dry skin, skin peeling phenomenon, easy to produce dander and wrinkles, especially in the eye and around the mouth is most obvious. So is your skin is dry.

Maintenance method

Dry skin need most maintenance is water, complement more skin moisture can alleviate tight feeling, make the wrinkles fade, still can help skin reduce peeling phenomenon.

Suggest using hydrating effect good moisturizing cream, it can nourish and smooth the dry skin, can give skin the best nutrition and protection, and make the skin smooth and fine ze and rich flexibility, and can resist the external environment oxidative damage, make skin no longer dry dark dumb, coruscate glorious health. Still need to use water embellish face film, the effect is much better.

Oily skin

Face and T area often oily gloss, hours after the clean skin can have sticky greasy feeling. Pore bulky, rough skin, effectively and cortical thickness blackhead, not easy wrinkles, easy to makeup after makeup.

Maintenance method

The biggest malpractice is oily skin grease is secreted very prosperous, cause pore jams, pore bulky, oily gloss, long blain blain black head. So this kind of skin is to focus on the maintenance of the clean and water oil balance, deeply clean pore within the accumulated dirt and oil, control surface oil, such ability have dry skin. Secondly, oily skin need regular water, regulate the skin water oil balance.

Mixed skin

Have oily and dry skin of two kinds of characteristics, summer partial oil, winter partial dry. Forehead, T area, chin partial greasy, and two buccal and face outer easy to dry, easy long acne.

Maintenance method

Mixed skin to make facial cleanness, control T area (forehead, nose, chin) much oil secretion, pay attention to accuse oil filling water, proper filling water can make pore narrow, and mainly moist facial ministry dry area. Choose to use hydrating accuse oil gel frost, can balance skin water oil and matte moisturizing, still can repair injured skin.

Sensitivity skin

Thin skin surface, microvascular clearly visible, fragile and lack of flexibility. By external stimulation, there is itching, little red silk, inflammation and red rash.

Maintenance method

To protect skin to taste with sensitive qualitative skin of allergy, the proposed use of the natural role with sensitive skin care products, every time it before the products to the skin test.

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