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How to eliminate the end of eye pattern

The eyes are the window to the soul, the age of who leaked the information. However, the eye is most sensitive parts of the face, a day after the injury of a large number of chemicals, our eyes to bear could not so much pressure, began to appear freckles, especially the eye pattern is specially designed for serious. How to eliminate the end of eye pattern?

Drying is the main reason causing eye lines, eye of the water shortage, the most obvious feature is now an appearance of fine lines, if not promptly improved, fine lines will become permanent wrinkles, increase maintenance difficulty.So I suggest that girls use some eye essence. Smear care Eye of the time with the ring finger and middle finger of one hand to hold up the eyes the outer edge, which is the position of the pupil from top to bottom, smear cream the other hand to point the method, which would allow the cream to fully penetrate into the fine lines lines inside. Note, whether it is a smear cream or massage, it is recommended to use the ring finger, Shi Ligang just to avoid pulling the skin around the eye, but cause lines.

Smear care cream can also use the pulp temperature, like ironing clothes like, to promote eye cream moisturizing ingredients to fill the lines, not only visually smooth the skin immediately and long-term maintenance to receive dilute, or even eliminate the texture effect. 1 or 2 times a week using eye mask to strengthen "heal", the use of the fabric membrane obedient Dermatoglyphic effect to smooth the skin around the eye, especially busy or stay up all night, increase the number of deposited Mask prevent lines forming. Overuse, fatigue at night to use a hot towel (not too high temperatures, and the temperature equivalent) apply the eye of about 3 to 5 minutes to promote the circulation of the eye, reduce pigmentation, followed by eye cream maintenance, beautiful eyes effect better.

Eye head is the whole eye week skin the thinnest of place, so more easy to lose flexibility lead to droop and wrinkles, in addition to massage, can also through the high his eyebrows to tighten the whole eye head and the bridge of the nose of the deep skin elasticity, need to consciously do every day his eyebrows action 20 to 50 times can.

Eye patch can quickly alleviate fatigue, dry eye skin under and dry lines, affix to lower the head, let the eyes to the ground, so that we can guarantee the eye lines are fully stretch open, after treatment with better able to open, smoothing out the grain.

Every morning before wash, in eye tail a put a little sesame oil. After breakfast washed away. Eye care of exquisite, different season will care to caress eye skin. Winter air temperature and relative humidity is better than other season low, easy to make eye skin water loss, care to outside a more careful. Summer drink 8 cups water daily has enough, but winter will suggest that drink 9 to 10 cup.

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