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Mixed skin care for sensitive quarter

For skin mixed skin in the skin and easy to sensitive spring in March, is not a disaster.In fact, the girls of mixed skin does not need to do too much too complex care, hydrating done in fact be able to meet the needs of the skin of this season.

Formation factors:

1, congenital factors

Because of genetic reasons, many people sebaceous glands strong, less of the sebaceous glands of the cheeks parts.

2, daily skin care improper

The process of daily life, the overtime pay less than the skin of water and oil imbalance, which slowly transformed into a combination skin.

3, late at night, pressure

Stay up all night, the pressure of life of the General Assembly to make oil, dry skin into a combination skin, and also mixed skin into oily dry skin.

4, the change of seasons

Seasonal changes would increase in sebum secretion of the T zone, U-zone skin dryness, resulting in acne, pigmentation, wrinkles appear.

How to care for combination skin

Step 1: clean oil

Mixed dry skin need to be cleared in clean grease, recommended Oil Control Cleanser, a daily morning and night to achieve a good clean oil, feeling fresh without tight.

Step 2: conditioning skin

After cleansing, in order to improve the mixed dry skin, the stratum corneum water content and absorption of nutrient poor, the use of hyaluronic acid moisturizing Skin.

Step 3: Moisturizing

Mixed to make the skin to restore the equilibrium of water and oil, to give the skin with plenty of water and nutrients, but also allow the skin to keep the water does not drain. You can use some moisturizing cream, skin to get better care.

Step 4: potent moisturizing, deep nourishment

Best 1-2 times a week to strengthen the deep water care, skin can allow water from the cuticle has been penetrated into the inner skin, use some moisturizing mask, aftercare.

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