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This could lead to protect skin to taste with disfigurement

The weather gets warmer, spring seems to have come to our side note. However, as the weather warming, flowers and plants grow, pollen fly float, bacteria also started making, it is easy to cause some skin disease recurrence or worse.

1, hormone dependence dermatitis

Spring, facial sensitive, peeling up crumbs, some itching, many people like to put on dermatitis equality medicine, for a cha effective. Many people often use, it just doesn't know that there is a danger. Want to know, dermatitis of drug contains the tie hormone, often use, can make the skin becomes dry, red, and have a fever sense; Bad weather in the red face so ugly, and sometimes also special itchy. This is hormone-dependent facial dermatitis.

Prevention methods: if a brand that your products effect quickly, can be in one, two weeks face problems to solve, and that you can want to watch out for the brand was the.......

2, telangiectasia

The skin of human body in different period have different requirements, in most cases, the oil secretion and water body the moist enough to protect the skin smooth, without excessive to gild the lily. But many people ignore the rules, to run toward the face praiseworthy. As long as where there is new hairdressing method or others introduces what brand of beauty products, no matter for his suits, no matter how much money, will not mean to do it. Little imagine, long-term such to facial spoilt and excessive nutrition, make the skin not update and spontaneous breathing, the face is very easy to appear capillary hyperplasia.

Prevention methods: use each maintain article before must seriously reading product manuals, once a week east east toward the face every day can't say hello.

3, abuse of vitamins

Many women think long-term eat vitamin E, C tablet, to slow the skin aging, has whitening effect, etc. In fact, vitamin E, C tablet is yellow, long time intake yellow pigment, many a little makes a mickle, accumulate in the body row not to go out, and deposited in the skin, the skin will be more and more yellow.

Prevention methods: don't think that depends on some things can keep youth, can change this evening. In fact is vitamin C and E itself to eat many of the body is also harmful, can cause from scurvy and poisoning, etc.

4, make up sex acne

Because professional habit, some white-collar workers must make up every day. General cosmetics acne occurs in use cosmetic 1 weeks to a month, some because of chemical substances stimulation, cause local allergy, make the skin layer of protection to sabotage, easily induced increase the opportunity to bacterial infection, also can cause inflammation wool bursa. The performance for the facial inflammatory pimples, pustular or cyst, it has discontinued resolve, and a recurrence of characteristics.

Prevention methods: if makeup, even use only segregation frost or at high magnification, the sunscreen, have to be carefully discharge makeup. In addition, the best to skin a week day off and let it breathe freely.

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