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7 bad habits of life make the ass hypertrophy(1)

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez's body in the West is synonymous with sexy, pear-shaped body, you do not have this consolation. The proportion of Asian people's legs are relatively short, lower body fat is simply a tragedy! How to get rid of lower body fat? Quick look at these methods.

Obesity Reason 1: Rocker from sitting, while leisurely side of fat

At the moment, you are likely to nest on the sofa, dangled legs in reading this article. Whether at home or in the office, dangled legs if you sit all day, will hinder legs, blood and lymphatic circulation, resulting in lower body edema. Do not do a good edema care, such as massage, deep vein will gradually, seriously affecting the lower body circulation, leading to thickening of the fat, and even the muscles are stiff.

Confrontation tactics:

Special massage can be washed daily with warm water bath, body oil massage of the lower leg or foot, regardless of tweaking or pressing, can be mitigated in the lower body edema, prevent fat accumulation.

Obesity Cause 2: long sedentary

Office workers to work every day to sit eight hours, sitting for a long time, the ass of course, wide and large!

Confrontation tactics:

Sit for an hour or so, it should be up and walk, and press hips acupuncture points to promote hip blood circulation. A bath wash hips stimulates the points with the showerhead water column, bath Bottom cream maintenance buttocks, hips become rounded solid. Be sure to remember the up Move buttocks.

Obesity Reason 3: pants size is not to

Tight jeans, corset lingerie and tight clothing, and even miniskirts, the sleeveless Shandeng sexy wearing, and make lower body fat. Because too tight-fitting clothing will impede the normal movement of the legs, but also hinder the blood circulation of the lumbar and leg parts; skirt will make the legs, cold, also affect the blood circulation, leading to fat accumulation. If the underwear is too much, make the buttocks fleshy lack of adequate support and sagging, foreign expansion, and underwear is too small or too tight, will be squeezed out of the fleshy buttocks distortion is inevitable.

Confrontation tactics:

Should be selected for the fit of the underwear, and practice the operation of the modified hip line of hip, compact and smooth hip line.

Obesity reasons: prolonged standing

Some people because the working relationship must stand for long periods (such as the counter lady), the passage of time the calf muscles become very strong, and even affect the appearance. In addition, the movement pattern is incorrect or long standing, resulting in radish legs or leg swelling.

Confrontation tactics:

Bath in the bath, leg massage, relaxation of tight muscles, blood circulation unobstructed in order to improve the swelling. Should not be over-training exercise the leg muscles, so that the muscles strong. For prolonged standing, wearing elastic stockings to prevent leg varicose veins, rest periods can also be multi-leg massage.


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