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7 bad habits of life make the ass hypertrophy(2)

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez's body in the West is synonymous with sexy, pear-shaped body, you do not have this consolation. The proportion of Asian people's legs are relatively short, lower body fat is simply a tragedy! How to get rid of lower body fat? Quick look at these methods.

Obesity reasons: eating high-calorie flavors

Most of the leg obese people do not diet, not only like to eat high-calorie desserts and fried foods, eat after the habit of sitting, slowly, hips and thighs began to hoard fat. In addition, some people addicted to heavy and the taste of foods, excessive salt intake leg edema.

Confrontation tactics:

Control diet, eat less high calorie foods, so that combining low-fat and high fiber. And more lean lower body weight loss exercise, and less accumulation of fat. In addition, a less rich diet, and drink the tea to eliminate edema, and then strengthen the lower body acupressure.

Obesity reasons: estrogen secretion disorders bad habits make you fat

Distribution of femininity estrogen is the culprit of the lower body fat. The hungry meal full meal, chaotic service weight-loss drugs, unwanted pregnancies, etc., and make estrogen secretion disorders, leading to accumulation of fat in the abdomen and thigh, the lower body is getting fatter.

Confrontation tactics:

Time eating, do not mess clothes diet pills and active contraception, are the key to prevent lower body fat, especially birth control pills. Most people think that long-term contraceptive services will be fat, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Past high levels of estrogen in birth control pills, long-term use will indeed lead to the accumulation of body fat. But in recent years, improved new type of oral contraceptives, estrogen levels has been over the past 150 micrograms approaching 30 micrograms or 20 micrograms. This contains only ultra-low-estrogen oral contraceptives, and will not make you fat.

Obesity reasons: Slop Slop walk, leg hard fat

Usually do not have time for exercise, walking to work can also be fitness. But walking right, or shoes, dress wrong, not only less fat, may also become more fat, or even seriously affect the health of your feet. Such as walking Slop Slop would be simply impossible to burn fat legs, but the calf will become more stout.

Confrontation tactics:

The correct walking posture, heel stick to the ground, the toes have a kick to sense. Fast walking is best not to wear high heels, it will not only make your feet more pressure, the spine will be followed too much the night to go home but also back pain.

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