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Body new wave of drinking fungi Soup

For eating will be able to make themselves more beautiful, "this kind of topic, the interest of the girls are often the highest, if it is really delicious but also beautiful, of course, drew enthusiastic support. Today, we say that the fungus skin with it, the skin is getting younger.

Knowledge popularization of lactic acid bacteria & Bifidobacterium

Speaking of lactic acid bacteria, immediately come to mind is yogurt, cheese and other dairy products. In fact, many foods such as pickles, soy sauce also contains a wealth of lactic acid bacteria, and finally let us find such a close proximity to lactic acid bacteria beautiful skin tips.


Do not eat natto, can not stand the taste of natto natto ingredients of nutritional supplements and snacks to make up for by the supplement contains.


The composition of the glutathione containing brewer's yeast, but also with the acid-fast effect.

Acetic acid bacteria

Although not directly Hecu, but a lot of nutrition and sweet vinegar contains acetic acid bacteria can adhere to the daily intake.

Question 1: What is the fungus?

A wide variety of fungi, mold, bacteria and other microorganisms, microorganisms present in the air, soil, sea, river, survive in the human skin surface and in vivo. Speaking of fungus, it is easy to immediately think of the pathogenic E. coli, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other harmful fungi can cause disease, in fact, a lot of fungus on the human body is able to play a positive role. For example, to prevent infection of the antibiotic substance penicillin from Penicillium extract, and often used in cosmetic surgery dilute wrinkles botulinum toxin injection. In addition, often joined by a fungus-derived ingredients in cosmetics.

Question 2: If there is no fungus, what will happen?

The fungus is to build the foundation of the food chain and atmospheric circulation, biological, and fungi can play the return of the bodies of animals and plants to the role of soil and water. It decomposed form can be directly absorbed as calcium, iron and other plants, fungi in the decomposition of the bodies of animals and plants can release carbon dioxide into the air. If there is no fungus on Earth, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will be depleted after a few years, the plant will not be able to supply oxygen, animals and plants will be facing extinction.

Question 3: fungi and fermentation, what?

The fermentation of the fungus since ancient times, human cognition, and applied to wine, bread and other food production process. In modern times, with the progress of the fungus research, fermentation and gradually began to be used in industrial fields. Vitamins, drugs and nutritional supplements are added for utensils and clothes washing lotion most of the enzymes produced by fungi fermentation. In addition, through the power of fungi, industrial waste into harmless substances in the environment purification also continued the development of fermentation technology, the use of them is also widely anticipated.

Question 4: human beneficial fungi, the most representative of what?

Say that the most representative of fungi beneficial to humans, of course, is able to produce a fermented food bacteria. So-called food fermentation, is the use of bacterial fermentation functions to improve the flavor of ingredients, preservation, collectively referred to as the nutritional value of food. Able fungi in the manufacture of fermented food, brewing Japanese sake and miso aspergillosis, production of wine and bread yeast, as well as the production of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt and cheese.

Body, known as "often in the fungus," the bacteria, when conditions are ripe, they will play an active role on the human body. For example, in our impression, often with food poisoning linked to the E. coli in the gut, synthetic vitamins, break down harmful substances. The skin surface, but also living more than 10 kinds of bacteria such as Staphylococcus epidermidis, and they are able to prevent the breeding of bacteria, known as the patron saint of the skin.

Question 5: the bacteria How can the "beauty" to produce effectiveness of it?

Directly be absorbed by the body, or by acting on the surface of the skin are beneficial to health and beauty substances, bacteria, and bacterial substances produced by fermentation. For example, Aspergillus contains not only can promote skin metabolism of free linoleic acid, rich in vitamin substances in the fermentation process also produces, therefore, eat glycerol or miso contribute to the maintenance of healthy skin. Lactic acid bacteria, the bacteria itself with finishing the gut, but can improve the efficacy of the human immune system, detoxification. The other hand, as applied to the skin surface bacteria to achieve cosmetic results, it is relatively well-known moisturizing ingredients hyaluronic acid, yeast extract and lactic acid fermentation extract. Hyaluronic acid is streptococcus, yeast extract, yeast, lactic acid bacteria fermented extract of lactic acid bacteria by mass production, and with the use in cosmetics.

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