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Layers of moisture so that the spring and summer season is no longer peeling

The change of seasons, skin condition becomes unstable, to prevent peeling and redness and sensitive issues such as changes in the weather, it is necessary in a timely manner to enhance the skin's defense force. If the skin is peeling, it means that the skin barrier function has been impaired. Four steps of peeling skin, specially formulated to help skin repair barriers, strengthen skin defense, easily cope with the season.

STEP1: mild makeup and cleansing

When washing a face, often is the skin moisture loss of the key moment, so whether cleansing or discharge makeup, dynamics have to keep the gentle, from T area began to clean, and then two buccal, the last is the most fragile eye week. Discharge makeup, in order to reduce the friction and the skin, the proposal is chosen discharge makeup milk, cream and so on quality of a material is rich makeup of soft makeup article, dosage can't province, discharge makeup process in a minute in the best finish, to reduce unnecessary burden to the skin.

STEP2: make up water and dry

As soon as possible after clean face to face with the moisturizing effect with the water. The proposal with dips in water quantity meet the make up cotton, it can carefully wipe corners of the mouth and nose corner etc, and can be used to wipe deafness and neck, and so often neglected part, help to further clean skin. In addition, you can also put a few in the face of cosmetic cotton, and then sprayed with moisturizing spray or make up water to apply face, help moment smoothing dry lines.

STEP3: keep wet noodle film repair skin

Because of the temperature and humidity of change garments according to the change, skin cutin in time to adapt, plus the skin condition is very weak and easy to sensitive, easy will appear itching, peeling and extensive red. If indoor open air conditioning of words, dry air will rob moisture in from the face film, so advise on apply face film bag again after a layer of film, in order to prevent the loss of water, and at the same time through the skin of the skin of the ascension warm to absorb.

STEP4: the layer upon layer moisturizing cream

The outside world will ever to sensitivity skin effect, and then there searing pain, swelling or, in this case should be chosen for sensitive skin and set moisturizers, dry skin can use more oil contains natural of skin cream, protect wet and strengthen skin moist degree, to help strengthen the foreign stimulates the tolerability. In addition, besmear protects cream of the time want to on one layer, then it is a thin coating also want to cascade, so can play the best repair function.

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