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Produce their own fiber leg slimming tea

Drinking diet tea has become a weight loss of the new trend, more and more people will choose to produce their own weight loss tea weight loss, to produce their own weight loss tea Natural, healthy, convenient, no wonder many people lose weight preferred.The following 4-fiber legs, slimming tea, the most suitable type of edema, muscle and fat-type girls.

Fiber leg slimming tea: Kunzao tea

Material: seaweed, 6g, the Khumbu 6g, the Poria 3g, yi Ren 8g, oolong tea 2g.

Approach: add water, 500cc, Xianzhu yi ren, 15 minutes and then into other materials, and continue to cook for 15 minutes to the residue, as a tea.

Efficacy: Phlegm, diuresis, weight loss.

Fiber leg slimming tea: honeysuckle tea

Materials: 50g honeysuckle, chrysanthemum 50g, hawthorn 50g, a little honey.

Practices: honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, hawthorn together into the pot, plus 2000cc boiling water for 30 minutes, filter juice. Plus boiled, and then filter the juice, heated in a fire, till slight boil and let cool, add a little honey.

Efficacy: fat purge, step-down weight loss.

Fiber leg slimming tea: Citrus grass tea in front of the car

Material: Citrus 3g, plantain 5g, green tea 5g.

Practice: the material is placed in the cup when the tea with boiling water to drink.

Effect: diuretic, weight loss, refreshing.

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