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Whitening products for maximum effectiveness

Stay up all night to work overtime and irregular work and rest, summer is coming, skin color, but more and more muddy. This is not good against the skin after a dry sensitive spring, in summer, be sure to make it white and tender. 5 small tips, whitening products for maximum effectiveness. In the summer, sweeping away the tired, white skin luster.

mac makeup wholesaleFirst, understand your own skin type

If you have sensitive skin whitening products is recommended to select the mild. If dry skin whitening at the same time do not forget to moisture. Oily skin is the best choice for a refreshing point of whitening products, be careful, too much moisture will shine.

Second,Night whitening products will be efficient and play a role

Both the selection of a moisturizing effect and efficacy of whitening night cream is very important. Night, when skin cells into the metabolic period, the skin automatically start the repair process.

Third, Hwan living skin is very critical

Huan live can make the skin become more shiny, uniform induced and bright white. Therefore, recommend that you use Hwan living special care, skin metabolism to promote dermal layer to produce more young cells filled with vibrant shine, but also enhance the luster of the skin and permeabilities skin during sleep hours.

Fourth, upgrade whitening cream

Ordinary whitening cream may not "force". You can use a course of intensive care whitening cream. 21 days, injection of adequate energy for skin whitening power.

Fifth, to avoid whitening products are oxidized

Contains the active ingredient in most whitening products, oxidation due to the light after you painted to avoid light, so turn off the lights before going to sleep the best whitening products.

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