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Effective detoxification easily beat waist and abdomen obesity

[reading] modern urbanite ten Chinese eight have constipation problem. If constipation long-term so, not only can affect health, may also cause fat! Today is to teach you how to do constipation, from small start life rather bowel condition.

In the morning before breakfast: the lower abdomen massage

Step1 wake up in the morning, gently press with finger the abdomen, and in the way of rotating clock massage abdomen.

Step2 light pressure for 1 minute, then change with counterclockwise for massage.

Step3 inside bowel peristalsis more active until after defecate natural more smoothly.

Breakfast: fiber is great

From breakfast to getting enough of the fiber, fruits lettuce salad is preferred.

After breakfast: meaning is generated

Bowel peristalsis start slowly, will have to feel and solution. When the meaning is to seize the opportunity to come quickly, in order to avoid after a delay meaning is eliminated, the dry and the formation of feces causes constipation.

Lunch: balanced healthy eating

Eat less Fried food, drink less sweetness high drinks.

After lunch: added lactic acid bacteria

Have a cup of yogurt or contains lactobacillus drink to increase the number of probiotics, or feel free to complement more water, and are conducive to the next day "uh-huh" smooth.

Afternoon: drink more water

The daily water intake, it is better to keep in the 2000-2500 CC, can avoid the waste is too dry out and not easy eduction.

After supper: consumption body heat

Develop sports habit, because the intestinal tract moving through the activities of the body also need to assist stimulation.

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