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Should not exercise before breakfast

Everyone know the benefits of exercise, however, easier said than done, a recent study showed that attention to health stay in the mouth, move your mouth does not move the legs, only 43.07% of people usually have a fixed exercise program, nearly into almost less exercise.

Nearly half of people before breakfast, sports

Month-long investigation time to collect valid survey sample, a total of 2216 copies. The survey data show that most people are almost not very exercise (19.9%​​) "," accounted for 37.03% are interested or have a friend invited to participate in sports in the time of the campaign, the largest proportion (45.37%), sports time the movement time of less than 0.5 hours / day, 37.69% for 0.5 to 1 hour / day, and only 4.52% of the daily exercise time is greater than 1.5 hours.

In the period of the campaign, most people choose before breakfast movement, accounting for 48.59%; after dinner and there is no fixed time, respectively 18.16% and 19.44%, 13.81% of people like the movement after the lunch.

Morning fasting movement, unstable blood sugar

The experts said that the morning fasting unhealthy movement, there will be unstable blood sugar, must give some of the end of the belly pad. Of course, do not eat, it will also affect the movement. As for the frequency of exercise, healthy adults, daily physical activity should reach the equivalent of walking 6,000 steps of the activity per week, equivalent to approximately 40,000 steps. If the physical condition permits, the best 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a day. The best exercise time is 4-6 points in the afternoon, followed by 8-10 points in the morning.

Six adults before exercise should be added sugar

Compared with the lack of exercise time, most people pay more attention to exercise, health and nutrition. The face, "do you think the sports supplement what is better," this issue, 64.32% of people think we should add the sugar, that should be added to water and food were 22.36% and 8.25%. 38.94% of the added mineral water, after exercise, 32.41% of people choose to supplement sports drinks. In motion often convulsions, 77.89% of people think they should be added to milk the calcium higher food, 11.06 percent and 7.04 percent of the people think should be added to vegetables and tofu, and 4.02% of the people think should be added that the pig meat.

Ordinary movement to add water to

The experts said that the general health, sports, only add water. If professional athletes, or movement lasted longer, for example, more than two hours before exercise, sports drinks should be added. As for the Movement, should supplement 250ml of sports drink within half an hour after the end of the exercise. Convulsions immediately supplementary food movement is meaningless and can usually pay attention to the intake of milk, tofu and vegetables, and prevention campaigns, cramps, convulsions.

The people most interested in the consumption of fat

The survey shows that most people have a correct understanding for how to most effectively the consumption of fat. 36.68% of people think that long-distance running is the most consumed fat, 30.4% of people think that is a ball game, 22.86 and 10.05% were considered to be the most fat consumption of strength training and sprinting.

Sports locations, most of the people (66.75%) would choose a place away from home or office closer to exercise 14.83% of the people at home With the sport of fitness equipment, 14.07 percent of the people there is no fixed location of sports, as well as 4.35% of people like at the gym.

Movement perseverance

Experts believe that in fact all kinds of sports can burn fat, is essential to uphold. Relatively speaking, the long-distance running and all kinds of ball games is the better movement of the consumption of fat. As for sports, conditional, sports facilities, the best choice for outdoor, should also choose the dust and vehicle exhaust, certain amount of sunlight.

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